LookUP is your personal vocabulary notebook

Your smart vocabulary manager, It's a FREE English Spanish Translation Dictionary Offline App for iPhone

It's about learning, not studying

LookUP will help you store every word in your brain through smart work, not hard work.

Search it- Dictionary

Are you studying abroad or working internationally? Wherever you are, you have your dictionary with you.

Practice it - Flashcards

Flashcards with the words you have searched previously until you master them

Keep it - Organized learning

My lists – The best way to have your words organized by date, alphabet, category or leaning status.

Explore Features

LookUP is more than a dictionary, it is your vocabulary manager

Definitions, translations and more

hear the pronunciation...

... and learn how to pronounce the words

add your notes...

... to help you to remember how to use them.

create your categories...

... to have your words organized any way you want. It will be much easier to find them later!

learned/to learn

Change the status of your words once you have learned them.  Your practice will use those words you have not learned yet. (And a few of those you have learned too)

Organized learning. Have your words organized as you need

The best way to keep track of all the words you search and the words you learn

by date

as you have been searching them

by alphabet

by status

"learned" thumbs up, or "to learn" thumbs down. The flashcards will use those to learn.

by category

you can create categories. Your words will be organized as you wish

Practice with the words you have searched

Words from your previous search will be asked. An specific algorithm will be used to help you retain the word in your brain.

Thumb up

if you have learned this word!

Thumb down

if you still need to practice more this word

Forgetting is a  Retrieval Failure.

LookUP to improve your forgetting curve. 

1-Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve-  After one day we only remember 33% of the words and 25% by the 6th day.



2-Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve if we add retrieval prompts-  the words we remember the 6th day will increase to 45%



3-Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve if we add another retrieval prompt-  retention of 60% the 6th day.

LookUP “will help information to live longer in our brains by bringing it back to mind”, “over time, we retain a greater amount of the information as a result of the second learning” If we repeat the process, the retention % will increase significantly. (http://www.senseandsensation.com)


What was that?

How many times you are unable to remember those words you have searched in the dictionary?

LookUP Notebook is an easy way to learn them all!

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